Hi all:
I got a big laugh today when I activated "Record Window Declarations" to check the status of the Java extension and I saw the internal declarations of the my Java window BLINK ON AND OFF randomly in the Record Window Declarations dialog. This certainly cast some light on my sporadic test stability problems.

My new client uses a software development tool by Rational called "ClearCase".
It is a version control system for software developers that is integrated into the network file system.
To simplify the deployment of the Java (JDK 1.2.2) application under test, we run the application right off of the Clearcase server. This is really slick, but, I am afraid that the ClearCase server is slightly underpowered and that the random hangs occasionally throw SilkTest for a loop.

When I run the application off of my local hard drive, I don't seem to get these problems, but it is a big pain to set up the application to run this way with each new build.

My problem is that the problems are sporadic.
I don't have "proof" that this darling tool is my culprit.
Segue support has been pitifully useless as usual.
And -- as new tester -- I don't yet get the respect that I deserve.

So -- have any of you other Java testers seen this type of thing ??
Is it related to a slow network server ?