Hi All,

Our product is Excel addIn and developed by using DotNet. We had a silktest suite for Excel 2003. Recently it is ported to Excel 2007. We are able to run 250 testcases at a time. We are using accessibility with DirectUIHWND and NetUIHWND. Now Silktest is behaving differently. It is not identifying the same object as it identified earlier.

Current Identification
[ ] // const csProperties = ASCSEAIPopupMenu2007.AccObject1.MainCntlPane.AccMe nu1.Properties

Earlier identification
[ ] const csProperties = ASCSEAIPopupMenu2007.AccObject1.MainCntlPane.SubCn tlPane.AccMenu1.Properties

Excel 2007+ DotNet Addin
Windows XP

Anybody faced this kind of problem? Any solution/suggestion available for this?