Good day fellow SP users,

I am currently being engaged to start doing some performance testing on a .Net application for my company and I would like some insight and would appreciate any suggestions or feedback that you may have. I have not done any .Net testing yet so I do not know any pitfalls I also do not have any real details on the versions of .Net we are using so I will be looking for more general information. I do have a question to start us out on this and I guess this would be the most important question.

I have the ability to test this application in any SP version 7.0 or higher (I donít believe I have the latest version but can get it) but I will also want to turn some of these scripts into monitors (SP 7.0 would work best for us as Borland is not appear to be doing SCPM anymore ) so the question is has anyone done .Net testing in 7.0 and are there any true pros and cons using 7.0 or should I move to the latest version to test in.

I thank you in advance for any input.

Larry g