I am trying to understand how the page times are calculated in overview reports.
My load test consists of 1 script with a concurrent user load of 500 for 1 hr.
There are custom timers for each transactions. Total transactions defined are TMain-0001 to TMain-0010. Which is a total of 10.

I cannot use page times which show up in overview report under custom timers as i have think time with the transactions due to the nature of the test script and test.

So i am using the Page timers section in the overview report to analyze page times.

Under Page timers the first one is #Overall response time#. which has avg, min, max and count values...
The next under page timers is TMain-0001 with the avg, min,max and count value.

The next is Tmain-0002....and so on till Tmain-0010.
The question is how is the avg page time under Overall response time calculated. Is it the average of avg response time for all the Tmain transactions. i.e avg of avg page times for tmain-0001 to tmain-0010 or is it different.

How is the avg page time under each Tmain transaction calculated.

Within my transaction i have webpagelink() where i have the stimer parameter set to NULL. I am assuming this means the avg page time does not get calculated in the avg..

Any thoughts what is happening and how page times are calculated.

I am trying to understand which avg page time should be used for analysis.