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    Sharing Project

    How to share a project in silk performer??

    I want to work on the same project on different machines, so what are the steps that i should carry out.

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    Re: Sharing Project

    Well, you'd obviously have to store project files in a directory accessible from the network. You'd also need to edit the file locations in the System Settings-Workbench-Directories tab. But please note that the settings dialogs (system and/or active profile) can be very slow to open if you have a slow network or a lot of project files (such as data pool files).

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    Re: Sharing Project

    Have u tried out this before?

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    Re: Sharing Project

    You can export the project and ftp or use a program like PC Anywhere and transfer them to the machine you want to use. I do this all of the time. I create the projects and record on my desktop and upload to my controller.

    Just as a side note you may not want to transfer all of the files to the other machine (items like the baseline reports).
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    Re: Sharing Project

    Yes, I (and my team) have worked the way I described. It worked out fine until we filled the Data directory (on the network) with more than 15 000 test certificates.

    Larrys solution works fine too. The choice of solution depends of how you want to work and on network bandwidth.



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