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    Error Handling - Kind Of

    I've been away for a while and am trying to get back into the groove. . .

    I'm testing a Web Application. I'm running searches from a file - one-by-one. Some of these searches won't yield any results and that's ok, but I want to capture that. A specific error shows in the application when the search doesn't yield results.

    I also want to capture the number of results for those that do return results and probably how many were returned.

    Can anyone help me get started - where would I write out this information and how? Thanks!!

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    Re: Error Handling - Kind Of


    I guess you have to extract that information from the HTML doc that is returned to the client. Try the WebParseDataBound function (which has to be invoked before the search). For logging, you've got the option to use the virtual user output files (WriteData function), but that could "skew your benchmarks" as Silk puts it.

    Hope this helps,



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