I'm getting error in loading type library as shown below. I've edit the sample program to load my dll written in C#, I placed them in the same location, somehow, my dll does work. However it works if I replace CallCom.dll to PersonCOMServer.exe (from sample). Btw, I've tested my Com object using JScript and it works. Am I missing anything here?

//retrieve the current home directory
GetDirectory(DIRECTORY_HOME, sHomeDir, sizeof(sHomeDir));
ComUseTypeLibrary(sHomeDir+"SampleApps\\COM\\CallC om.dll");

ComUseTypeLibrary(COM Replay: 109 - Error loading Type Library., TypeLib: 'C:\Program Files\Borland\SilkPerformer 2006\SampleApps\COM\CallCom.dll' HRESULT=0x80029c4a)