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    HTTP: 500 - internal server error

    Hi All,

    Iam getting attached error during the playback of the script. the application is SAP Netweaver portal. can any body help me to come out of that?

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    Re: HTTP: 500 - internal server error

    This might seem idiotic to some... BUT.... do you know/understand what the error means?
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    Re: HTTP: 500 - internal server error *DELETED*

    Post deleted by Administrator

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    Re: HTTP: 500 - internal server error

    Actually, the problem i have is that the error message attached gives plenty of pointers.... i.e. 'expired'the whole point of it is that the app server has a problem, did Vidhya S actually speak to any of the admin/support team regarding the error?...... By the way... do you know the answer?.... The point i am trying to make is before you post try and do as much investigation yourself so you come readily armed with information others can help with and NOT a request for answers on a plate.... case closed.. if my remark seems offensive then i sincerely apologise, but that was not the intention.
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    Re: HTTP: 500 - internal server error

    I thought your initial comment was justified.

    If you ask vague unanswerable questions, they are not possible to answer (like the OP's question). So clarifying questions are necessary.
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