I am using SilkPerformer 10.0 doing a browser- Ajax run and I'm trying to compare a graph of a script using SP Explorer.

My goal:
I guess in short I'm trying to understand why a function could possibly take more time than the average time of a whole script running.
(comparing Timers folder data to User Types timers data:

In the folder tree I see the folders of of the custom timers I created. In this example I see one called Main. This is a timer from the beginning of a function to the end of a function. So I clicked on Response time[s] and selected Average.

Down the list of folders I see User Types. I open the first folder which is related to script 1 and navigate down to the Timer and Over all Response Times folder. I then graph the Average Response times.

On the graph the Overall response times is less then the average of the Main function. Example: The Response time captured from User Types has an avg of 177. The Main function has an average of 720.

If the Main function script only captures the main function, does the Overall response time capture the "Overall Time" for all functions and transactions used in the script?