Hi All,

I have a requirement to automate performance test scripts so that i can execute them on all the incoming builds.

Plan is to automate such that:

Execution is through command line and i can pass all the parameters either through command line or a file such that i need not hard code any parameters in the scripts which will make them write once run on any system or builds.

I am looking at command line execution of silk performer but not able to find any parameters which will talk about running specific script in a project and mostly its launching work bench.

Is there a way where by just one execution i can provide which project to run which script to run in it for how long and generate report using the workspace and overview report templates ? i know i am looking for too much. but automation of performance test will be good only if we can automate complete process of running scripts and collecting performance metrics without any manual intervention.

Any suggests will be of great Help!!!

Thanks and Regards,