a question - this is a bit hard to explain in a forum post, so I hope people can follow me...

basically, I need Silk Performer to execute two functions for each simulated user, at particular intervals.

so say:

- each user/client needs to execute function 1 every 300 seconds
- each user/client needs to execute function 2 every 400 seconds (the interval time for function 2 needs to be parameterised, as this time can vary)

currently, my script can execute functions 1 and 2 for every user, but basically it just:

- executes function 1 for every user, then
- executes function 2 for every user

of course, I can put wait statements in, but then (for example) simply doing the following won't achieve the desired result:

1. execute function 1 for every user
2. wait 300 seconds
3. execute function 2 for every user

so what I need is an algorithm/programming structure that can somehow execute each function in parallel, and wait the required time between executing each function. Or if parallel execution isn't feasible/possible, then I need an algorithm that can effectively do the same thing.

my appreciation for any thoughts/commments/advice you may have

and feel free to fire questions at me, because the above may be unclear, or you may need further info