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    Flex/AMF3 calls\"- Cannot create class of typeTxVO

    Has anyone had experience with Adobe Air apps? I have the Adobe flex-messaging-common&core.jar files but I'm getting
    JVM errors:

    JVM System.err: flex.messaging.MessageException: Cannot create class of type '{path}.TxVO'. Type 'com.tqs.cASM_Sync.vo.TxVO' not found.
    JVM System.err: at flex.messaging.util.ClassUtil.createClass(ClassUti l.java:66)

    Support says I need to extract the client jar files to get to the transmit and receive class files but the class files are built into the client app.

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    Re: Flex/AMF3 calls\"- Cannot create class of typeTxVO

    Closure: The class files, including the communication protocals from the client application needed to be compiled into a jar file and then included in the data files or through the model script function.



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