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    Fetching data fron DB (Oracle) in Silkperformer

    I have created a script for one of the flow.for this script it needs data. for that I have a thought Can we develop a silkperformer script which has to fetch the data from DB (oracle)directly. Can some one let me know the function how can we write and if u have ideas can you please share with me.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Fetching data fron DB (Oracle) in Silkperformer

    For MSSQL queries I use a shareware tool called ODBC View from SLIK software. For Oracle I use SQL Plus that comes with Oracle. Just record your queries and modify the scripts to get the resulting data where you need it. I do pre and post test count queries directly against the database under test, but am very reluctant to run any queries for data while the test is executing. So from your sparse description of your situation I'd think about running a pre-test query to suck the data out of the DBUT and store/access it from my own DB on another server during the test.
    Anything more and you'll have to start paying me a consulting fee...
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