My problem is I am new to Silk performer and want to run some 25 users for a web application.
My problem is that I have maximum server connection limit as 25. And when I record a script starting with giving a URL , the sequence of web pages are
1) Log on Screen
2) After giving password I get a Main Screen
3) From this I click on one icon specific to one application say XX
4) I work by giving some inputs in application XX be there for doing more transactions.
My requirement is to repeat transactions on application XX. For doing this I pasted initial logon transaction till main screen in the INITIALIZATION section of the script and rest child windows ( application XX screen ) in the MAIN section of the script to avoid same user logging with a URL from the start thereby leaving sessions active hence reaching the maximum limit of sessions.
BUt what happens when I use TRYSCRIPT option, the transactions to go till main screen which are there in the INIATILIZATION section go fine but the flow does reach to MAIN section and it does not execute what is there in the main section. It is probably because the child screens in the Main section do not get any reference of parent screen in the INITIALIZAITON section.
The script is very simple as mentioned in the steps above.
Please help as soon as possible, I need it very ******ly!!