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    Executing Load Test scripts without Login functionality

    Hello All:
    Can anyone help me to resolve this problem?
    There is a web application which allows to proceed only after logging into the application.

    Now, each time I try to record a load test script for some functionality other than login I have to go thru the login page.

    Can I avoid this unwanted re-recording of login functionality for each load test script prepared by me?
    i.e. Is there any way I can record a script such that I can make VUsers run only selected part of code? (Excluding the part of code holding the login functionality)



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    Re: Executing Load Test scripts without Login functionality

    Your application requires you to login to create a session ID. You need this session ID to do anything else within the application.

    However, after login you should be able to setup your script to execute specific transactions. The transactions can then contain specific areas of the application to interact with.

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    Re: Executing Load Test scripts without Login functionality

    What we did is had development create a session id that doesn't expire...that way we can add a cookie (WebCookieSet) into our transactions so that they are always logged in. We did this only because the authentication engine was not stable and so we got this work-around to test the other functions without having to wait for the authentication part to be fixed first.

    You can also make your TInit transaction do the login for the script, but then change the options so that cookies remain from transaction to transaction so that each user only has to log in once.

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    Re: Executing Load Test scripts without Login functionality

    The methodology that I typically use is to insert a comment while recording that says //END LOGIN so that I know what to manually delete and what to keep as the body of my transaction. However, if you are really serious about not recording the login section of the script then you could implement recording rules to suppress recording specific pages. If you want to do this you will need to read the recording rules section of the Advanced Concepts .pdf file that ships with SilkPerformer. In addition to removing the calls to the login page(s) you could also have the recording rules automatically insert the login function call.

    Hope this helps.
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