My script has 3 transactions...

TLogin : begin;
TAddSearchDelete : 1;
TLogout : end;

And I (think) the WebSetCookies are setup the correct way for all 3 transactions.

My thinking is that three conditions that "prove" the scripts are setup the correct way.
1. Monitoring the box should show a session open at the beginning of the script and close at the end of the script.
2. Executing "Try Script" should end with the Login page displayed.
3. Executing "WebCookieList ();" at the beginning and end of each transaction should show the same information.

The problem is that I can never get all 3 conditions to work.
If #1 is met, then #2 results in "Exception of type System.Web.HttpUnhandledException was thrown..
Please contact your system administrator." displayed in TrueLog (but the step passes), and #3 has a different cookie for the TLogout transaction.

If #2 is met, then #1 does close the session.

Do all 3 conditions matter? Is it a valid expectation? Is there something else I can do to debug?

At this point, I am thinking worry most about condition #1 because that is really what matters. Wait and see whether or not #2 and #3 have an impact later.

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