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    I have a script that has a WebFormPostBin call that I would like to convert to a WebPagePostFile call instead (to be able to randomize or select which file to post) - currently WebFormPostBin contains binary data.

    I have the syntax as such:

    sFile := "C:\\temp\\Myfile.csv";

    WebPagePostFile("https://URL.com/upload/import", sFile, "text/csv", "", UPLOAD_IMPORT001);

    where UPLOAD_IMPORT001 contains the session id.

    When running the tryscript an http 500 error occurs on the WebPagePostFile call.

    When using the WebFormPostBin function the out-data is in xml; when using WebPagePostFile it is in csv format, which is correct.

    I have also tried the following variations but with the same output - HTTP Status 500 - Internal Server Error:
    1) WebPagePostFile("https://URL.com/upload/import", sFile, "text/csv", "", UPLOAD_IMPORT001)

    2) WebPagePostFile("https://URL.com/upload/import", sFile, "", "", UPLOAD_IMPORT001);

    I see the same abslolute URL in both cases (when using WebFormPostBin or WebPagePostFile) - but the latter does not work.

    Any ideas why this is so?

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    Re: WebPagePostFile

    This was resolved after understanding the upload process better.



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