I am attempting to record a Balanced Scorecard application using SilkPerformer 5.1.1. The login occurs in a browser page but later opens up an application with a Java front end. Communication between the CorVu client and server occurs though a set of Java applets. Recording with mixed protocols gives WebUrlPostBin () calls eg.

WebUrlPostBin (".../corvujava//cgi-bin/Corvu.exe", "MA=1491769413&P=8000&FOCUS=4119&FETCH=1&MAGIC=666 \r\n"
"\r\n", 0, "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", 2.34);

which do not replay correctly - the same amount of binary data is not returned. Can anyone suggest any other way of recording or handling this? Is the Java Framework the best way to go about it and would that take long to implement?


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