I need to know will Silk Performer tool useful for conducting the performance of

application which have following architecture

Application Architecture:


Application has wireless device and access the server throgh Vodaphone GPRS/GSM network

Wireless device named FEX21 from Itronica
Server named Advantex from MDSI
Wireless network (i.e. Technology provided from Vodaphone GPRS/GSM Network).

FEX21 is send messgaes throgh GPRS/GSM network to Apollo VPN server and then Apollo VPN

server send messages to Advantex server.

In this project one mobile application also run on mobile device , this mobile application

also provided by MDSI and it is customised.

Protocol used from Wireless device to Advantex servr is TCP/IP.
There is no WAP or I-Mode wireless protocol used in this application.

I need to check the end-to-end performance of application, means from wireless device to

Advantex server.

Questions :

1. Plz suggest need any load testing tool who can identified a wirelss device as a client

and check the performance of application in real time scenario.

Main challange in this project that there is no Windows Riplica of Wireless device provided.
No toolkit(such as Nokia tookit etc.) of wirelss device is provided
No interfaces for wireless device is provided for conducting perofrmance testing.

Then how any load testing tool can identified wireless device as a client so that successful

recording can done and then perform the load on server ?

2. And also suggest how recording will done when application is a client server application

(i.e. application are not open in browser) and application are not web base application.
OR how recording will perform when application is some EXE and open on desktop rather than

browser. Pls send commnet for any load testing tool.

If u have any solution for above queries with tool like RationalRobot and Load runner

solution will be more helpfull b,coz I am using Rational and Loadrunner.

If u have solutions then ps send the recording and runtime setting options required to do in Silk Performer for recording the mobile device and server communication

Thanks & Regards