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    Parsing a text from Web page


    I am parsing a text(personnel Id) from web page connecting to one database. It works fine and I am getting the value what i want. When I change the script to run with another database, i am getting the parsed value as empty even though value is present in the database. Any body has an idea, why parsed value is empty when i change to another database.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Parsing a text from Web page

    Is your second dB setup the same way as the first one? (i.e. does it have the same table names and more importantly is the personnel Id found in the same table as in the first one?)


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    Re: Parsing a text from Web page

    What function are you using "webParseDataBound" or "WebParseHtmlBound" I think in your case data bound function will work better. I had a similiar problem using HTML bound function which was solved by the databound function




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