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    Upgrading to AP V from SP 4.5 playback issues

    After upgrading to SP V I was able to rercord my old scripts (from SP 4.5) and I notice several script deferences, plus they do not play back I get a 404 error message (nodata found or page not available)

    This is a sample of the recoded script from SP5
    WebPageLink("Variable 'right_loc_url' in page Unnamed page (#2)", "Unnamed page (#3)", 1, "topleft");
    This used to work perfectly on SP 4.5
    What is this 'Unamed page'?
    I have also atached the same script recoded on SP 4.5 and SP V at the top.
    I have tried all kinds of diferent settings but nothing seems to help.

    Virtually yours:

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    Re: Upgrading to AP V from SP 4.5 playback issues

    Your script sort of looks like SPV's Advanced Context Management run amok. The first few times I did a record in SPV I was scratching my head too...

    Couple things to look at. First, SP allows you to adjust how contextfull you'd like your script to be by changing the Advanced Context Management Level in Web record options. On some levels you will start seeing a lot of WebParseUrl and WebPageLink pairs in your script. What SP is doing is looking for a link on the next page loaded using WebParseURL. It then assigns that link to the first parameter of the WebParseURL function (that first parameter can be thought of as found link's name attribute.) Finally, it's using that parameter as the link name in a subsequent WebPageLink function.

    If you are getting a lot of 404's from the URLs that SP is parsing then those parsers are probably failing to find the links you recorded clicking during script execution. Another possibility is that the parsers find the links they were set up to look for but that those links aren't in the order specified by the 3rd parameter of WebPageLink.

    Looking at your 4.5 script it seems like you know in advance what the URL of each link is going to be so instead of having SP try and figure out dynamically what each link is using Parse/Link pairs just turn down the Advanced Context Management a level or two before recording and go back to WebPageURLs/Forms/Submits.

    If you'd like to dig a little deeper into why your script is failing to find links then open up the record TrueLog for that script. For each page downloaded check out the References tab in TrueLog. It will show a hierarchial view of a page's elements; all it's frames, links, forms and so on. The nice part is you're now looking at the page the same way SP should and if your WebPageLinks need tweaking you should be able to figure out how from how they are displayed here.

    Finally, 'Unamed page' is what SP calls pages that it can't find a title attribute for I think. If it doesn't know the name of the page then you will see that links parsed from that page are named something like "Link # in Unamed Page" and page timers related to that page are called "Unamed Page(#<nth unamed page>)" One of the first things I do after recording a script is go through and rename those links and timers to something more useful. The reports generated from unedited scripts with lots of unamed pages are a mess as you really have no clue what the page timer refers to.

    Hope that helps some


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    Re: Upgrading to AP V from SP 4.5 playback issues

    Thanks for your responce, I will take a crack at it and hopefully I will get it working with your imputs.

    Virtually yours:



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