I just got an update from Segue Support regarding a bug in SP 5. I was haveing trouble capturing XML data transmission:

"This is to inform you that the problem you have logged with Technical Support, CASE ID 52350, has now been fixed in SilkPerformer V Service Pack 1.

Please download the Service Pack both product updates can be found on the Customer Download Site only!, follow the installation instructions and confirm that the problem is resolved by applying the Service Pack. If you have any problems with installing the Service Pack or if it does not resolve your problem then please do not hesitate to contact me.

SilkPerformer V 5.0.1 http://customers.segue.com/downloads...1/relnotes.htm

SilkMeter 2.3.5 http://customers.segue.com/downloads...2/relnotes.htm

Thanks and Best Regards

Segue Technical Support Engineer"