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    Transactions failure.....reasons/causes?

    In our application, we will create some people with their details like name, address, phone number..etc.,I created a script where 16 users start creating the people simultaneously and I put it in the loop of 10 iterations. So there should be 160 people created.
    But 20 transactions failed when I ran this script.
    Can any of my friends tell what could be the reason for these 20 transactions failures? I did not find any reasons in the reports. It simply say 20 transactions failed. Or where can I find the causes of these failures? I just started using this Silk Performer4.5, so I don't have good experience in analyzing the results.

    Thanks in advance..

    Vinod Madhikar


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    Re: Transactions failure.....reasons/causes?

    If it's repeatable then maybe you should enable your visual logs (*.xlg) then you will be able to see what has happened at the GUI level. You will be able to view these through the Data Explorer.

    Also, you may need to enable the error logs (*.err) they will help you out.


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    Re: Transactions failure.....reasons/causes?

    I have seen a simulataneous load cause the web server to not be able to serve all requests. You don't mention whether or not you are ramping up users, or creating them all at once. You might try moving your tests to an increasing load model, instead of a queing, or stress model.

    If you select the button on the Monitor that will show all users errors, then, a line number will show up in the error pane. You can find out which item specifically failed.

    Both of those might help. Good luck.


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    Re: Transactions failure.....reasons/causes?

    Although not specifically stated in the original post, I'm assuming that the desired 160 users aren't created and that 140 are created, meaning that the 20 transaction failures caused a failure of the system to create users.

    Beeblemaster is correct in his debugging steps. The .xlg files will allow you to "see" if an error was returned from the system. The .err files will only show implicit errors (e.g.- a 404, 500, 503 etc.) which are about the only things that'd cause a transaction to fail, unless there are specific RepMessage commands to cause a transaction failure on checking data returned from the server.

    My guess is that the server is overloaded for some reason and pitching said implicit errors if the transactions are being reported as failures.

    - Dave

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