Hi all

This is just a quick note to pass on experiences with Tech Support good and bad

I do believe that Silkperformer is an outstanding product, although we did switch to using another product at one stage due to lack of resolutions from tech support on a number of our issues

When we returned to using SP another couple of issues where raised, and I must say the WebForm issues we had where dealt with and resolved by a very good engineer, then a complex ODBC issue cropped up, this was also dealt with by a senior engineer in a very professional manner although this complex issue took some time to resolve we did not feel abandoned by tech support.

This kind of support made us feel that we had made the right choice in going back to using SilkPerformer.(Until recently)

We had another issue crop up which was stopping all our testing and needed to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible, and after the last response from technical support I felt confident of a constructive conversation with the support department.

When I finally got through to telesupport about 3.30, I believe Belfast is 8 hours ahead of us so 11:30pm, who took my details and passed me on to a engineer who was Team Lead for performer, this was going well a complex issue being dealt with by the Performer Team Lead, we'll have this sorted in no time.

This so called Team Lead asked me a couple of questions concerning the COM problems we where having, and then told me that he would have this case assigned to someone the following day ? the following day, why couldn't he help me there and then or make an attempt to support was open for at least another 3 - 4 hours.

I must say this was dreadful, and if it was not for the clear professional support that we recieved on the two prior occassions, I would be instructing my colleagues and other close buisness friends not to use Performer at all. I feel really annoyed about this last incident, and am still deciding what steps to take next. we purchased Performer to do a specific task, we are told it can be done, then sorry no you will have to get the upgrade and now this will not be available for about a year.
We where considering an additional 5000 user license and purchase of additonal seats, after the excellent response from support, now after this we have to decide whether to return the product and possibly seek our legal departments advice. I can just hope this was a one off incident. I know 1 out of 3 is not bad, but when you make this kind of investment you should not get any.

We will be monitoring all of our sites which use performer and contact tech support on a regular basis. I hope some of the Segue people are reading this and can look into what went on in this incident.

Thanks for listening