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    The connection closed gentle error

    I keep getting this error when I run tcp\ip api level recorded scripts, any clue why??
    error log file
    Internal Error : 13
    Native Error : 0
    Message : WebTcpipRecvExact(WebEngine: 13 - The connection closed gentle, but earlier than expected., server closed after 19422 of 19556 bytes)



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    Re: The connection closed gentle error

    Are you trying to receive more bytes than the server is sending?

    Are you using tcpipreceiveexact?

    If you request more bytes than are being sent you will see this message.



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    Re: The connection closed gentle error


    some months too late, but I solved
    the same problem by replacing the
    WebTcpipRecvExact statemant with
    WebTcpipRecvClose. Now, SilkPerformer waits
    until the server closes the connection and
    no more bytes will be lost.





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