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    SilkPerformer Training

    Good Morning Testers!

    Can somebody reffer me to a good unexpensive school in Bay Area to learn Silk Performer. Maybe somebody knows of a public school that has courses on SilkPerformer.

    Greatly appriciate any input.



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    Re: SilkPerformer Training

    The only training for SilkPerformer that I know about comes directly from Segue themselves. They do offer courses in other places than in MA. I think San Fran might be on that list. Check out the Segue web page to get the latest details.

    As far as getting a course from a school or university. I have never heard of such a beast.. maybe this is a need that should get filled by some knowledgeable QA folks who would like to moonlight a little bit... ;-)
    It Depends.



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