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    Monitor Oracle database server (Installed on Solaris)

    Can any one suggest on how to configure Silk performer 4.0 or 4.1 with oracle database which is installed on Solaris Operating system to monitor databse.?
    In Silkperformer/performance explorere/Monitor server, Oracle is listed under Windows 2000 operating system. But I would like to have it configured under Solaris operating system.

    How do we do this? My database is on Solaris operating system and would like to monitor databse server.

    Any informations will be appreciated.


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    Re: Monitor Oracle database server (Installed on Solaris)

    As far I understand from Segue this is currently not possible.


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    Re: Monitor Oracle database server (Installed on Solaris)

    It is possible using SNMP. Oracle uses SNMP to report performance metrics. SP 4.1 has an SNMP wizard for setting this up.



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