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    sequential playback

    I recorded a script in Performer.
    I noticed on our server that it isn't performing the test sequentially or the order I recorded it.

    Logon Page
    2nd web page
    logoff web page

    Instead it might access the 2nd page before logging on. How can I force it to always go to the first page I select.


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    Re: sequential playback


    If you have created different transactions for each of the pages you have two choices:

    1 - Makes sure that the Choose Transactions Randomly checkbox is not checked (Settings -> Active Profile -> Simulation). This option will run the transactions in the order that they appear in the script.

    2 - If you want to run the transactions randomly, but need to make sure that each user has logged in, in the user definitions (dcluser section) in teh script, after the transaction that logs in, change the 1 to 'begin'. After the log off transaction change the 1 to 'end'. This will force these transactions to be run first and last respectively.

    I hope this helps.


    Paul Tucker
    Automation Expertise Europe
    Paul Tucker
    Automation Expertise Europe



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