I need to ping the app under test every 15 seconds in order to maintain the connection. I also need to use the command WebTCPIPReceiveUntil() to listen to messages up to a specific message. Sometimes the WebTCPIPReceiveUntil() command takes longer than 15 seconds. The way our app works, it would send me all messages not yet received each time I listened (WebTCPIPReceive). So, theoretically, if there were a way to pause/start/stop a command mid-process and then resume, it would work.

Right now I have to tweak the timing for each user level (different script for one, for 5, for 10, for 20, etc).

There are nice IIOP asynchronous functions but I can't use them because the app doesn't speak IIOP.

Anyone have ideas?

thanks in advance,