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    Is this approach right?

    We are about to have performance test over an application which is not located in our network. This application would be used locally and should not be affected by the network delays which one would encounter if when application is accessed via internet then in a corporate network.

    We have silk performer server at our end while application is in the other part of world. To avoid network delays during load test we have envisioned the load generation from agent kept at the client end. Hence we would have sp server and one agent at our end and our agent would be connected to remote agent through agent configuration of work bench of our sp agent. Hence ultimately load would be pumped by the agent which is at the client's end. I want to know if this is the right approach to avoid network delays.

    Thanks in advance.
    Tarun K

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    Re: Is this approach right?

    Any one who can guide me here...???

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    Re: Is this approach right?

    In my experience that would be the correct set up I do this all the time. You might want to test the path that the end users will be taking as well to see what affect the network will have over the application.
    But in the end doesn't it all come down to BEER? Beer is the ultimate answer to all questions in the universe so yes the answer to your question is BEER.

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    Re: Is this approach right?

    Thanks Larry.



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