Hi All!

We are just getting started with SCTM. So far, it's a bit frustrating, but I'm plugging away. I've been browsing out here this afternoon for tips, and I see several posts regarding importing from Excel. I have already read the suggested Borland Knowledge Base articles (did that before coming here). Anyway, we have a template we've been using for requirements that was customized for Test Director. The styles aren't the same as what SCTM requires, so it looks like a new template is going to be needed. I have the example template from Borland, and I was able to import that into a test project, so it does indeed work.... I'm just wondering if anyone has created anything a bit more generic that could be used as a template? Or if you know of a site that hosts anything like this? I'm not an Excel guru, though it looks like I will become one in the near future. I've figured out how to create the styles although they aren't importing correctly which I assume is a grouping/outlining thing, so I am onto learning the Group / Outline part of Excel now...

Anyway - just thought I'd check in to see if anyone has anything to share from a template standpoint - can't hurt to ask, right? [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]