Hello All,

I am getting the following error when I tried to execute the following code with Vita machine.

testacse abc() appstate none
[ ] Taskbar.SetActive ()
[ ] Taskbar.Start.SetFocus()
[ ] Taskbar.Start.Click ()

Error is as below,
*** Error: Window type mismatch - Expecting a child window
Occurred in SetFocus

I tried the following things,

Added the GUI specifier 'mswvista' in the file 'WinClass.inc'(C:\Program Files\Borland\SilkTest)as below,

mswxp, msw, mswvista window TaskbarWin Taskbar

[-] winclass TaskbarWin : AnyWin
[ ] mswxp, msw, mswvista tag "[Shell_TrayWnd]#1"
[-] mswxp, msw, mswvista PushButton Start
[ ] tag "#1|Start"

Can anyone tell me what is this error and how do we resolve it?

Note: It works with Windows XP. With Vista, SikTest is not recongnizing th Start button of the window Taskbar.

Do I have to copy the file 'mswnt32.inc' into the silkTest home directory (C:\Program Files\Borland\SilkTest)?

Just see the following content I got from SilkTest Help

GUI set Includes these platforms
msw msw32 and mswxp64
msw32 mswnt32 and msw9x
mswnt mswnt32 and mswxp64
mswnt32 msw2000, mswxp, msw2003, mswvista

I would be greateful if anyone can help me on this.