We have hundreds and hundreds of tests running against a complex system. Sometimes something breaks that causes a lot of our tests to fail, and that issue is not a priority to resolve.

What happens is a lot of our executions then contain failing tests, and I find myself digging in to check on them repeatedly to see what's going wrong. My memory needs a tune-up.

For now, to prevent that from happening, I add a note to the test case description, and I set up another execution to quarantine the test. I can also set up an issue associated with that test, but in any case, such things aren't very easy to see when looking at the activities page.

It would be so nice if you could set the issues up in such a way that central won't run tests with those issues.

Anyway, I know everyone has to have similar problems, and I'm curious how you prevent yourselves from wasting time reexamining old, known bugs.