Does anyone know of the top level for software testing? In our organization the Director of our Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) reports to our Chief Information Officer (CIO). The TCoE provides testing services across the organization but predominately is set to identify the quality of the software products and enhance the processes to better deliver software going forward.

I am that Director and I am trying to plan my long term career path. At this point I do not feel that I am interested in the CIO position as this is more global across all services from IT. Traditionally our Chief Technology Office (CTO) is more about the infrastructure (data center) and the Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) is more about the knowledge management and even training.

It seems that their needs to be a position like the Chief Quality Officer (CQO) or Chief Officer for Testing (COT - so it isn't a duplicate of CTO).

The goal is to always reach for something beyond where I am now to always be driven to get to the next step; even if it is creating that next step. Until two months ago there wasn't a TCoE, let alone a Director in charge. After my lobbying we now have it and it is up to me and my team to execute and prove our worth.

Thanks for any thoughts on this topic.