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    Test automation tool on Max OS

    Our application under test is AIR desktop application. Does anyone know what kind of test automation tool support this?

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    Re: Test automation tool on Max OS

    we got one candidate to study -- RIA test

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    Re: Test automation tool on Max OS

    Our tool, eggPlant, has been the leading test automation tool on the Mac for the past 8 years. Using an image-based approach, it can automate any application running on any platform or in any browser. I don't happen to have any direct experience with Adobe AIR applications, but it shouldn't be any different to eggPlant than any other web-based (or desktop) technology like Flash, Flex, Silverlight, AJAX, JavaScript, Java... If it has a user interface, eggPlant can automate whatever a user would do with the system.
    Doug Simons, Principal Developer
    TestPlant, makers of eggPlant, the Cross-Platform GUI Testing Tool



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