Hi all,

Posting it in Junit as it was the closest match. Cannot find a TestNG forum. Not sure if i can create one.

I will describe my problem below. Appreciate any answers.

I run my tests from Eclipse . Have a TestNG plugin. Using Maven. I have set the following -
<suite name="Suite" parallel="classes" thread-count="50" verbose="5" data-provider-thread-count="5-">
<!--<class name="com.pace.testCasesPace.sms.elementdefinition s.implementations.AddActionImplementationNodeTest" ></class>-->
<!--<class name="com.xyz.Test1"></class>-->
<!--<class name="com.xyz.Test2"></class>-->
<!--<class name="com.xyz.Test3"></class>-->
<!--<class name="com.xyz.Test4"></class>-->
<!--<class name="com.xyz.Test5"></class>-->
<!--<class name="com.xyz.Test6"></class>-->
<!--<class name="com.xyz.Tes7"></class>-->
<!--<class name="com.xyz.Test8"></class>-->
<!--<class name="com.xyz.Test9"></class>-->
<!--<class name="com.xyz.Test10"></class>-->

It starts all the 10 tests parallely. However I see a small problem.
The starting of the tests is staggered by a small delay. Therefore the result is not strictly parallel. Anyway to overcome this ?