hello when I try to use evosuite testing tool from the command line i get the following error:
Fatal crash on main EvoSuite process. Class using seed 1428172877144. Configuration id : null java.lang.RunTimeExceptionConfigurationid not manage to automatically find tools.jar. Use –Dtools_jar_location = <path> properly at org.evosuite.runtime.agent.ToolsJarLocator.getLoad erForToolsJar<ToolsJarLocator.java:71> ~[evosuite-0.1.1.jar:na] at org.evosuite.Evosuite.parseCommandLine<Evosuite.ja va:152> ~[evosuite-0.1.1.jar:na] at org.evosuite.Evosuite.main<Evosuite.java:304> ~[evosuite-0.1.1.jar:na]
Can someone help me please! Thank you!