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    randomize users from csv file


    Does anybody know any way to randomize the records loaded from a csv file? I have a file with more than 300 different users and would like to read and use them in random order.

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    Re: randomize users from csv file

    User variables
    Some test plans need to use different values for different users/threads. For example, you might want to test a sequence that requires a unique login for each user. This is easy to achieve with the facilities provided by JMeter.

    For example:

    Create a text file containing the user names and passwords, separated by commas. Put this in the same directory as your test plan.
    Add a CSV DataSet configuration element to the test plan. Name the variables USER and PASS.
    Replace the login name with ${USER} and the password with ${PASS} on the appropriate samplers
    The CSV Data Set element will read a new line for each thread.



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