Hi All,

I am currently trying to configure the performance testing tool JMeter to test over JMS connecting to Websphere and have run in to some problems.

I have been able to configure most of the JMS Point-to-Point sampler fields using the following info:

QueueConnectionFactory: jms/MQ/qcf
JNDI name Request queue: jms/MQ/requestQ
JNDI name Recieve queue: jms/MQ/responseQ

in the JMS Properties section I have added the following:
Name:JMSReplyTo - Value:RESPONSEQ

and in the JNDI Properties section I have entered the following:
Initial Context Factory: com.ibm.websphere.naming.WsninitialContextFactory
java.naming.provider.url = corbaloc:iiop:localhost:9186 (where 9186 is the ORB LISTENER port in websphere)

I believe the configuration is correct as looking in the log it is able to connect to the server and retrieve the MQ Queue manager name, however, once it has retrieved that it returns the following error:

MQJMS2005: failed to crate MQQueueManager for 'QM005' javax.jms.JMSException

Has anyone had any experience configuring/using JMeter to test JMS with Websphere? Any ideas what might be causing the problem?

Thanks in advance