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    Jmeter How to know max. no. of users

    Hi, everybody
    I want to know how to determine the max no. of users that can access my web application at the same time.
    say for example when increase this number the web application does not respond.

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    Re: Jmeter How to know max. no. of users

    Depends on your situation. When the response times exceed your maximum requirements, then you have reached the maximum number of users. Or when the application is not responding at all anymore, or when there is smoke coming out of the server room.

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    Re: Jmeter How to know max. no. of users

    keep thread group upto ur wish ie 10,000 users or more
    and ramp up time also same 10,000 which means it takes 1 sec gap in between each user
    and run ur jmeter now
    ull know the result.......... if jmeter stops at suppose 4000 then think ur applic crashes at 4000th

    please let me know if i'm wrong

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    Re: Jmeter How to know max. no. of users

    is it that if the number of users is 10,000 than the ramp up should also be the same?

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    Re: Jmeter How to know max. no. of users

    No always, check the definition:

    Ramp-up Period: How long JMeter should take to get all the threads started. If there are 10 threads and a ramp-up time of 100 seconds, then each thread will begin 10 seconds after the previous thread started, for a total time of 100 seconds to get the test fully up to speed.

    So, the ramp up period depend on what you want to test, if you want jmeter create 1 VUs at second or 10,000 VUs at second.



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