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    Hi all,
    I have the following queries on Jmeter..

    1.My application is in remote server. We need to test its performacne through Jmeter. In Jmeter test plan HTTP Reqest we have to give 'server IP', 'Port' and 'path'. My question is in Server IP can we give remote server IP. If so then what we should give in path and Port ?

    2. Could you please mention the Classpath settings which we hav do in initial stage ?

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    Re: JMeter

    I am using Jmeter 2.3.1 and used JRE1.5.0 and didnt have to do any classpath settings.

    check with the PDF guide that comes along with it. it will help you. I read somewhere about how to use JMEter.

    Anyway, here's my quick start for using JMeter:
    1. Download binary from http://jakarta.apache.org
    2. Extract anywhere, but be sure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to point to the JDK.
    3. Run jmeter.bat from $JMETER_DIR/bin
    4. Add a Thread Group to the Test Plan by right-clicking on Test Plan and Add -> Thread Group You may want to rename 'Test Plan' to something more informative i.e. 'UBuyO Plan'
    5. If required, add the HTTP Cookie Manager to enable session tracking by right-clicking anywhere in the Test Plan hierarchy Add -> Config Element -> HTTP Cookie Manager
    6. Right click on the Workbench, Add -> Non-Test Elements -> HTTP Proxy Server
    o By default, it runs on 8080 and will record ALL request patterns UNLESS patterns are specified. Be sure to change the port to something other than 8080 if you want to test local services running on 8080 already (i.e. Tomcat)
    o If you renamed the Recording Controller, make sure the Proxy Server targets it by the Target Controller
    o DONíT hit start just yet [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
    8. Open Internet Explorer and configure proxy settings to point to JMeter's proxy server
    o Click on Tools and select Internet Options, click on the Connections tab, click on LAN Settings, check the 'Use proxy server for LAN... ' and set the address to 'localhost' and port to '8080'
    o Try visiting any site. It should give you a page not found error because it's trying to use the Proxy Server that you have yet to start.
    10. Go back to JMeter, go to the Proxy Server, and hit Start. Itís now recording
    11. Go to I.E. and go to the page you want to start recording from e.g. http://www.ubuyo.com:80/ If you accidentally recorded pages by mistake, just go to the Recording Controller and delete them; you dont need to Stop the recording though. Navigate through your pages and perform actions in those pages accordingly (i.e. click on links, do saves, etc.)
    12. Hit Stop from the Proxy Server once you're finished recording. You can actually Stop the recording anytime and Start it again.
    13. Add Listeners to anywhere in the Test Plan hierarchy by clicking on Add -> Listener -> (the Listener you want)
    o You have a variety if Listeners to plot graphs or collect execution data.
    o Graph Full Results didn't work for me though [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]
    15. Finally, run test by hitting Ctrl+R
    o You should see a green box on the upper right meaning the test is running and blank.
    o You can view the different Listeners while the test is running. Or you can grab a coffee
    o The box will be grey after it's done.
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