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    JMeter as a test harness

    I was wondering if anyone could help me.

    I'm looking to do use JMeter as a Test Harness. The idea is that it will kick off the required script with the required number of threads to simulate the load. If testing a web app then the script can be built up using the JMeter components, but for component level testing and java applet testing the tests will almost certainly need to be written in JUnit.

    So far, so good. One area I'm having a problem with though is that the JUnit tests will need to write out timing information (waypoints) as they execute. We normally do this by writing out to a text file, and our current results formatter then imports this information and produces some pretty graphs in Excel.

    On top of this, we also have the headache of trying to monitor the load on the application servers. Unfortunately, most of our performance testing on our other apps involves logging directly in to servers and stuff over secure connections and sending/receiving XML requests. Again, as far as I can see, JMeter can only measure load on webservers, so we'd need another application running on the application servers measuring the CPU and memory loads. Again we already have something that does this which writes out data to CSV files, which get imported into the results formatter and gives some more pretty graphs.

    I think the hope is that JMeter will be able to replace our current Test Harness, our current server monitor app and our current results formatter, but I don't think this is possible because as yet I haven't found a way of getting JMeter to read results files back in from external applications.

    I've been looking at how to set up JMeter to monitor the server side of things, and according to the JMeter manual, you need to configure an http request so that JMeter can request the information to be sent back to it. This would basically mean that you can't get performance information from the backend servers. Is that right?

    What I've been able to find so far is:
    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>"Monitor Results is a new Visualizer for displaying server status. It is designed for Tomcat 5, but any servlet container can port the status servlet and use this monitor. There are two primary tabs for the monitor. The first is the "Health" tab, which will show the status of one or more servers. The second tab labelled "Performance" shows the performance for one server for the last 1000 samples. The equations used for the load calculation is included in the Visualizer."</pre><hr />
    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>"To use the JMeter Monitor for IBM WAS5.0, you will need to port the status servlet from Tomcat5 to WAS. Your other option is to write your own status servlet and output the data in the correct format. Tomcat5 includes the schema for the status data."</pre><hr />

    Have any of your guys had any experience of this? Any advice you can give on whether it's worth pursuing any further?

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    Re: JMeter as a test harness

    I do not have any experience attempting to use jmeter as a test harness, but just reading the negatives you have already listed I personally would not pursue this any farther.



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