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    Saving results into a database

    I am new to JMeter. Allready tried I few things out.
    They want me to save results from Jmeter into a database, to be able to save history and make monthly comparations.
    I thought of the solución to write results to a .jtl files which would be delimited with | and then load these files into a database. Would this be correct? Is there an easier way? How do I configure the .jtl file?
    Thanks allready for your answer..

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    Re: Saving results into a database

    If you wish to modify the properties with which JMeter runs you need to either modify the jmeter.properties in the /bin directory or create your own copy of the jmeter.properties and specify it in the command line. In the "Results file configuration" section of jmeter.properties, it states that only xml and csv formats are currently supported. I use the xml format in my scripts.

    If you the goal is to see the change in performance of your web application over time, you may want to consider using JChav 1.1.0 with your JMeter results.



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