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    Distributed load through jmeter

    i m new to jmeter .i want to know about the distributed load through jmeter . i read in jmeter docs that ,to give distributed load through jmeter we have to configure the host ip in jmeter.properties file. at location

    # Remote hosts and RMI configuration

    # Remote Hosts - comma delimited

    # RMI port to be used by the server (must start rmiregistry with same port)

    # To change the port to (say) 1234:
    # On the server(s)
    # - set server_port=1234
    # - start rmiregistry with port 1234
    # On Windows this can be done by:
    # SET SERVER_PORT=1234
    # On Unix:
    # SERVER_PORT=1234 jmeter-server
    # On the client:
    # - set remote_hosts=server:1234

    but what i cant't understand is what is jmeter JMeter remote servers running ? how i can install jmeter remote server on another machine. can anyone please tell me the step by step procedure of giving distributed load through jmeter.

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    Re: Distributed load through jmeter


    You need to run the “jmeter-server.bat” in the Load Generator machine in order to distribute the load in the other machine after setting the required details.

    Please read the “jmeter_distributed_testing_step_by_step.pdf” which is present in the user manual folder of JMeter.

    I guess, I have answered your queries. If not, Post your forum little bit differently.

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    Re: Distributed load through jmeter

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