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    problem in running JMeter.

    I have a problem in running JMeter.
    i installed JDK1.5 on windows 2000 platform and set the path to run java program. It's fine.
    when i try to run the JMeter.bat file, a window is opened and getting closed immediately.
    I didn't set any path to run JMeter as it is default.
    How can i run JMeter with out getting any problem?. can u help me to resolve out this problem?

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    Re: problem in running JMeter.

    Hi Rao,

    I'm afraid I'm not sure what the problem is here. However here are a few thoughts

    What kind of window appears? The JMeter GUI or a DOS window?

    How much memory does the machine have? Java can be quite memory intesive

    Are you running the batch file by double clicking it or via the command line?

    Is there anything in the jmeter.log (found in the bin directotry) file that might provide some clues to what the problem is?

    Sorry couldn't be of more help

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    Re: problem in running JMeter.

    Hi Rao,

    It seems it is a problem with your java path settings or you have not loaded the full JMeter software.
    If the JAVA path has been set properly then JMeter wont give any problem.For JMeter you dont have to set any path,you just have start by click on the JMeter.bat file.




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