Hi all,

I'm having some problem running JMeter on AIX.

The version of java on the machine is
"java version "1.3.1"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.3.1)
Classic VM (build 1.3.1, J2RE 1.3.1 IBM AIX build ca131-20031105 (JIT enabled: jitc))"

When I try to run the jmeter shell script to launch JMeter I get the following error followed by the usage message.

"Unrecognized option: -XX:NewSize=128m
Unable to parse 1.2 format supplied options - rc=-6"

I did a bit of a search on the net and found a web site that apparently give the equivalent IBM switches link.

This says that -XX:SurvivorRatio, -XX:NewSize and -XX:MaxNewSize do not have an IBM equivalent and that they can be removed. I removed the "$NEW $SURVIVOR" bits from the ARGS variable but now it complains about 'TENURING="-XX:MaxTenuringThreshold=2"'.

If I remove that it then complains about the next option that uses '-XX'. And when I remove that it complains about the next '-XX' var and so on..

Has anyone else experienced this problem, or know of a way to get jmeter working with IBM java?