Hi All,

I am trying to build performance test to IBM Webshpere MQ using JMS point to point sampler(jmeter 3.0). The message is sent to Q1 and there an application pulls it.Then an application transforms the message into different format, and puts it to Q2. I need to validate that the message has a valid new format. For this purpose I use "Response Assertion"

I have created a JMS point to point sampler. Request queue is Q1 and receive queue is Q2.

I am getting the error as "No reply message received". If i look at the server side, jmeter is sending the messages to Q1 and I could see the successful response is Q2. But looks like Jmeter is not able to read the response from receive queue Q2. I get the following warning:

jmeter.protocol.jms.sampler.Receiver: Received message with correlation id null. Discarding message ...

I tried all the combinations of using
>request Message Id
>response Message Id checkboxes

Also tried to use JMSCorrelationId. I see the JMSCorrelationId in request message. The problem is that I don't have any header in response message,because the target message was totally rebuilt by an application. Is there a way to get message successfully in response using JMS point to point sampler?