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    Response data issue in Jmeter


    Iam new to Jmeter, and working on my application "uat.centramed.co/centramedAnalytics" . I have record the script for Login and a Report transactions, when i run the script the response for login is correct but the same login response is shown for Report. I have checked the Network traffic using Firebug in browser and the same was recorded in Jmeter. Please suggest me how to resolve the issue.

    The application was developed in Java using Html5.

    KVS Kumar

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    Usually it stands for something not fully replicated: i.e. missing or incorrect parameter(s), Header(s) or Cookie(s). Take the next steps:

    1. Record your login -> report scenario several times, mention parameters which are different
    2. If there are differences - use i.e. Regular Expression Extractor to perform the correlation
    3. If everything is the same - use a sniffer tool i.e. Wireshark to compare what's being sent by JMeter and browser and detect any differences
    4. Make sure that HTTP Cookie Manager is added to your test plan - sometimes it's alone is enough
    5. In case of external authentication you may also need to add a properly configured HTTP Authorization Manager. See Windows Authentication with Apache JMeter guide for more information on dealing with external authentication types in JMeter

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    Thank you very much for the reply. The application is built in with Ajax, some requests are recorded but ajax requests are not getting recorded properly. I have tried to record the script with Blazemeter chrome extension, Bad boy and also checked in HTTP Header Manager but no luck.

    I didn't find any useful video references for handling ajax requests in google. Please share any reference links so that i can handle these perfectly.

    KVS Kumar



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