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    How to automate 3 test planes


    I want to run three different test plans sequentially with different configurations
    and when each is done, it will save a result in graph with listener

    Can I automate this ?

    without automation, I will have to run three times manually.



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    There are several approaches of running JMeter test in unattended manner:

    1. Command-line non-GUI mode
    2. Ant task
    3. Maven plugin
    4. Jenkins plugin
    5. Run JMeter test from Java code

    See 5 Ways To Launch a JMeter Test without Using the JMeter GUI guide for details on above methods.

    You can parametrize your tests using JMeter properties, like using __property function instead of hard-coded values and provide properties via chosen way of JMeter test execution.

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    Best way is you can combine these three plans into a single plan & then schedule the threads accordingly.

    If you want to execute three separate plans than I would suggest to automate the invoking & executing of plans one after another using UI based tool such as QTP or selenium.
    Best Regards,
    Sanket Vaidya

    Om - Effortless Text Generation http://sourceforge.net/p/omfortesting/home/description/



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