Hello everyone,

I want to get to know your experiences with parametrization of sophisticated script in JMeter. By sophisticated i mean such script in which we have to pass(between requests) a lot of dynamic data from hidden inputs and even from urls caused by redirects. Such kind of scripts are difficult to parametrize especially if we dont know what is the meaning of particular parameters passed in requests. From my own experiences i know that not always test automation engineers have enough bussines knowladge which can be used for script parametrization. In such cases i often analize each recorded request and look for post/get parameters that seem to be dynamic. Then i try to find such parameter in previous request's response. If i find some hidden input with the same id as in request and the same value then i know that i should use extractor.
Another approach is comparing two or more scripts(in some compare tool) which were recorded in JMeter and which represent identicial path of some test scenario. In such approach we can get information about parameters which differ in each path. Such parameters are candidates for parametrization. As in previous approach we have to find where particular parameter/value occure in response and use extractor.
In general this approaches are acceptable but very time-consuming, we can pass over something.
I have thought even about writing some tool in python or another language to deal with automatic parametrization of JMeter script but i think that its not such piece of cake.
What are you experiences with such cases? How do you deal with such cases? Do you know any free tool which can be helpful in task like parametization? I have looked for some plugin for jmeter but i havent found any yet.
I know that there are commercial tool(neoload, loadRunner and s.o) that do all the job for us but its out of the question for me right now.

Thank in advice,